dinsdag 3 maart 2015

Spot the difference...

Picture 1: Planet Earth; a cosmic miracle. 

Picture 2: Our World.

Forget what you have been told... Think for yourself... 

Are we going the right way by plundering this planet, while we multiply like cosmic rabbits?

Currently, every day our global number grows by approx. 300,000. 

In the last hundred years we have emptied the oceans, lakes and forests.. 
Hundred years ago oil was found at the surface, now we pump it from 7,000 m depth. 

In 57 years from now, oil and natural gas will be history.. 
As well as the North pole. 

We are caught in matrxes that influence our thinking and actions.
We KNOW.. BUT... 

THAT is our problem. 

That is why I initiated The Vipassana Project.



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