woensdag 22 oktober 2014

Let us unite; all citizens of this world.
And we will make the change.

We know that planet Earth is a cosmic miracle, and we know that we are lucky ones to experience this cosmic fairy-tale today.
We should try to enjoy every day we are alive.
That is what I believe.

We are cosmic energy entrapped in a human body; our adaptor, so we can enjoy being alive.

But our reality is very different, and it seems to worsen every day... Why?

To my opinion, because we are trapped into several matrixes.
Our focus on money being one of the results.

We are money-slaves.

Focussed on making money we systematically plunder this cosmic miracle.
And over the last hundred years we have multiplied like cosmic rabbits...

The periode 1900-2000 I call the "Golden Century"; We thought planet Earths' resources were unlimited, and there was a shortage of labour.
Around the year 2000 we passed a point; every day less to plunder and everyday our number grows by approx. 300,000 souls...
Every day the gap grows wider.

How will our world look like in 50, 100 or 200 years from now?

We have been manipulated in our thinking for thousands of years.

I have a plan. Let us go back to the drawing board and create the perfect world. Let us create Utopia.
A community of 100,000 people who are aware, who live in abundance, real freedom, true respect, divine love, and natural peace.
A showcase of how live can be...
Inspiring the world.

Naturally it will be a place where money has no value.

Show me another planet where caterpillars turn into butterflies...
Where roses smell like here...

I hope that you understand my words...

Let us unite; all the changemakers. Let us go back to the drawing board and create the perfect world.

Now we have so much knowledge, there are still resources, the global communication is super, and the global chaos is still limited.
So.... why wait?

How to proceed?

The insights I got when I intuïtevily wrote for 18 months during the nights, in search of the truth about myself.
Because I am transgender.

Eventually, although I did not plan it, I decided to make it into a novel and sell the novel direct. My book has no ISBN.
My novel is not for sale in the bookshops, so it is not mentioned in most literairy sites, because most are owned by publishers/booksellers.
My novel spreads by enthousiastic readers; Last week I received the 4th print of the Dutch version. (again 1,000 copies)

The book is translated and is worldwide available as eBook on kobo. Search on kobo for "The Night the Stars Danced".
For many weeks it has been already #1 in the category "New Thinking".

According to all readers it is definitely worth reading.

80% of the revenues I donate towards my plan to create Utopia.

According to the public jury of a Dutch literairy prize the novel can measure itself with the Celestine Phrophecies.
That novel sold worldwide 190 million copies...
Let us do the same, and we will create Utopia.

By the way, the story takes you back in time, to Occitan, 1145. A very different world..

Love and Shine,

Shantah (Chantal) http://www.vipassanaweb.nl/english/

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