zondag 7 juli 2013

Hello Nahko

Hello Nahko,

I just heared your song 'Great Spirit' for the first time, and I am impressed. That's why I am writing you. 
The lyrics are so recognizable... We both try in our own ways to inspire people, so that hopefully this world will change. 
I love your way...
My way... I have written a novel, mainly intuïtively, searching for the truth about myself. I am a transgender (woman with a dick).
For over three years I have written during the nights about my former life... completely intuïvely... That experience has changed my view of life completely... Luckily also many of the readers experience the same... 
Several Dutch leading publishers were interested in the manuscript, but I shouldn't expect any income! They become the owner and I earn nothing! 
I couldn't accept and have decided to sell the book myself! 
Direct! Out of protest my novel has no ISBN!

Fighting against a multi billion business is extremely difficult.. 
BUT my novel has received excellent reviews in the mayor Dutch newspapers, the PUBLICjury of a Dutch literairy prize were thrilled, and now (almost five years after the release) everyday more people discover the book... It spreads faster and faster... 

My goal; to make my novel be the first worldwide bestseller, sold completely outside of the book industry!!! 
Let it inspire other authors.. and let it inspire readers worldwide to think different... 

If my plan succeeds, I will raise roughly a billion dollar (because I sell direct, the margin is max)... And that money I will donate to the creation of a New World... One piece of Earth perfect.. to inspire the rest... 

Anyway, since last month the English translation of my novel is now available as eBook worldwide.. and for the introduction only US$ 0.99

Hope to hear from you. 

In Love and Light,
Let us Try to make a Change.
After all; It is up to us!

Link to English eBook: http://www.kobobooks.com/search/search.html?q=the+night+the+stars+danced 

Link to my website: www.vipassanaweb.nl

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