maandag 22 juli 2013


Hi guys,

I don't think this has ever been done before! 
Do you want a free, small personal videoclip?
Please continue reading. 

I have written a novel 'The Night the Stars Danced'.

It takes you to a world where people are free. Inspiring. Many of the Dutch readers are thrilled!
The publicjury of a Dutch Literairy prize has compared the book with the 'Celestine Prophecies'! 

Now the English translation is worlwide available as eBook! 
Introduction: only US$ 0.99 !!
It's definitely worth reading... I guarantee you will love it.:)

After you buy and read 'The Night the Stars Danced', please contact me...
For a personal videoclip!!!

Here is the link to the eBook:

Or visit the website for more details (still mainly in Dutch):

My aim is to sell enough books, so I can open the doors of a small guesthouse...
Somewhere south; under the sun, and near the sea. With 3 or 4 bedrooms for guests.. Men (T-Lovers) only...  

My target is to sell 50,000 copies to make my dream come true.
Buy the novel, read it, receive your personal videoclip and spread the news!
Maybe we will celebrate the opening of the guesthouse together.. :) 



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